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Through the years Germany has built up a massive bluescommunity, consisting of fine clubs, good record label and not to forget great musicians. One of them is harmonicaplayer Thomas Hanke, who, after the break up of the band Last Fair Deal, continues with singer/guitarist Rik Ullrich and contrabassist Manfred Helmuth under the name Thomas Hanke & Plaintive Cry.

They return to the roots of the Mississippi Blues and play it in a manner it originally was meant to be. Sensitive, solemn and acoustic. Do not expect any fireworks and blistering guitar- and harmonica. Most of the eleven songs are exceptionally tranquil and are carried by the acoustic guitaar and contrabass The full harmonicatones of Hanke and the dark brown voice of Ullrich intensify this even more. Exceptions are the quicker Charlie Musselwhite cover "When It Rains It Pours" and "Midnight Sailor", where Hanke lets his his harmonica subsequently laugh and cry.

One of the stronegst songs is "Love Is Gone Away", in which Hanke accompanies his own singing with the harmonica. Their version of the Rolling Stones classic "Get Off Of My Cloud" is also worth mentioning.

"Out Of Pain" is an album you will have to get used to. As I wrote you must not expect any fireworks. This is blues as it is meant to be. Pure and sensitive. Listen to it in silence and it could even have a hypnotising effect. One with which you bacome one with the music. And herewith the band has reached its target.

Eric Campfens, 2012 (Bluesmagazin Amsterdam)

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